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Since January 2024 Sam Jones has played in pubs/venues across England & Wales almost EVERY weekend. He performs a cross-section of originals, peppered with covers of classic 60s, 70s Punk & 90s alternative songs. His set often includes some surf guitar & film soundtrack instrumentals played to backing tracks.

These performances are usually split into 2 x 45 minutes with the opportunity to buy his latest limited edition CD album during the 15 minute interval. Sam will supply you with a poster & Facebook event once a booking has been made. The logo here can be downloaded in high resolution by clicking on it.

You may find the following links helpful including a ‘master’ set list in which individual sets are compiled. The accompanying Linktree pages act as a showreel for each specific style.

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In this section you’ll find information about Sam’s other projects ‘Samuel Thomas Jones’ (a new moniker & direction in songwriting) & Angry Town (his Poland-based band) by clicking on the logos. If you want to read Sam’s full backstory then go to the biographies section split into half-decades & illustrated with captioned photos, artwork & videos.

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Sam Jones in London May 2009 Photo: Krisztian Sipos

Sam Jones performing with a ‘Höfner Verythin’ guitar at Bull & Gate, London September 2008 Photo:

Sam Jones performing at Bull & Gate, London September 2008 Photo:

Sam Jones performing at 12 Bar Club (Holloway Road), London November 2015 Photo:

Sam Jones is a British singer-songwriter, guitarist, recording artist & producer. Often working as a multi-instrumentalist, recording many tracks over several decades. A cross-section of which make up the majority of his live set. He was born in Chester, England & grew up in North Wales where he currently resides. He is known for his slide guitar playing & crooner or shouty vocal style. For years he lived a gypsy-like travelling lifestyle visiting the length & breathes of Western/Central Europe playing impressionable one-man shows. He also held a busking licence for Brussels Grand Plas.


He continues to play in pubs across the UK as his bread & butter, playing originals & covers as Sam Jones & reintroducing some ‘deep cuts’ from his back catalogue. He is in the process of recording demos for a Sam Jones covers album entitled ‘Covered’. His covers of Depeche Mode‘s ‘Personal Jesus’ & Nancy Sinatra‘s ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ have somewhat become his own.


In 2006 Sam was sat opposite Charlie Harper (UK Subs) on a London Underground ‘Tube’ train, Sam introduced himself & kept in touch, later recording a cover of the Hank Williams classic ‘Move It On Over’ in 2007, performing an acoustic set at Charlie Harper’s 65th birthday party in 2009 & with Charlie featuring on The Berlin Lights track ‘Hit The Floor’ in 2011 with an exclusive mix released on 7″ vinyl by Time & Matter Recordings in 2014. In January 2019 whilst living in Poland Sam reunited with Charlie backstage after a UK Subs concert at Stary Klasztor in Wrocław.


His original works are presented ‘as though’ classics; ‘Hit The Floor‘, ‘Fire In The Rain‘, ‘When The Howling Wind Comes Back’, ‘Woman Gone‘, ‘Looking Back’, ‘The Walker‘, ‘Somebody’s Somebody’, ‘Million Dollar Baby‘, ‘Hell’s Bank Note‘ & ‘The Way She Is‘ probably making it in the top 10 most played.


He is known for using Yamaha electric guitars in particular the Pacifica rage (in particular 120H & 112VMX) and ERG 121C along with small Vox amplifiers. He is often seen playing a customised RGX 121D which he has owned since the age of 15. The guitar was restored by Philippe Dubreuille who is noted for restoring Noel Gallahger’s Gibson ES-355 guitar which was damaged during the argument that split Oasis.


Sam has played in many of Europe’s key cities such as Liverpool, Berlin, Prague, Kraków, Dublin, Paris, Brussels as well as some pretty unusual locations like the former ghost town Bussana Vecchia in Italy. His experiences have resulted in a book of memoirs & travel advice entitled ‘A Musician’s Guide to Europe’. He has embarked on four self-booked, self-financed & self-promoted solo European tours since April 2016 with multiple mini-tours of France & Belgium, he’s even toured the Isle of Man in 2008. He played his fourth & most recent European tour in June 2022. Performing in France, Italy, Czech Republic & Germany adding an additional date at the opening of Muzyczny Kram record shop in Toruń, Poland in July. 


He set up his own booking agency/record label Camouflage Booking/Camouflage Records & sells limited edition CDs & USB sticks online or after shows. A series of bootleg-style limited edition CD live albums have been produced each with additional demo/studio bonus tracks. To date there are 4 of these live albums; ‘Live In Europe 2015-2016‘ (2016), ‘Live In Poland‘ (2017), ‘Million Dollar Baby: Live at The Hatch Bar, Liverpool 2017‘ (2018) & ‘Live In Poland II(2022).


An ongoing official album entitled ‘Retrospective’ is compiled from studio & live recordings. The album acts as an introduction to his songwriting with some notable contributors. On Bandcamp the album is presented as a trilogy with 2 supplementary editions ‘Retrospective: sketchbook‘ & ‘Retrospective: bonus tracks‘ comprising a total of 80 separate recordings. In early 2024 both supplementary albums were expanded to coincide with an increase in live appearences. Comprehensive track by track details act as an online inlay card & are frequently updated on his official website. He’s worked with several established musicians such as Brian James (The Damned), PJ (Anti-Nowhere League). He has even appeared on a track alongside Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers in ‘Stranger Things‘.


During 2017 & 2018 he fronted Polish Mod-Punk band Angry Town. The name of the band refers to Gniewkowo, where the original line-up met for the first time during a solo concert of Jones. Sam’s musical journey through several power-trios (most notably The Artists Rifles, The Berlin Lights & Sam Jones Band) laid the foundations for the band. During lockdown 2020 he released an EP and two singles with accompanying promo videos under the Angry Town banner, both singles featured a politically motivated promotional video premiered on YouTube. Angry Town is a name is now used to describe appearances both on record and live with a band. Angry Town returned to the stage in 2022 as a 2-piece outfit supporting Sham 69 – Tim V in Poland. An official album entitled ‘No Second Chance‘ was released on CD in March 2023 & remastered by Tim Turan for all digital platforms release in October of the same year. In September 2023 as part of Angry Town ‘Campaign Day’, ‘Live at Lizard King’ (alongside other publications) was premiered on YouTube for the first time in its near entirety. The concert was also screened at Muzyczny Kram record shop in Toruń to coincide as a tribute to filmmaker Wojciech Budny.


He’s already gained the respect of many well-known industry insiders such as journalist John Robb when Angry Town performed their cover of The Damned’s ‘New Rose’ supporting The Membranes in Poland. Ged Lynn (The Stairs), has acted as Angry Town’s forth member featuring on 3 studio tracks ‘Sister of The Storm’, No Tears For Me’ & Pink Floyd’s ‘Arnold Layne’. In 2017 before Angry Town had played their debut show they appeared together as ‘Sam Jones & Ged Lynn‘ at The Hatch Bar on Liverpool’s Mathew Street, wrapping up a Sam Jones European tour. As the frontman of his various power-trio carnations or as a solo performer, he’s played support for several well-known acts including Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), The Coral & Polish band Kobranocka


Since September 2023 he has adopted the moniker ‘Samuel Thomas Jones‘ for a series of acoustic & slide guitar shows, demoing & showcasing new compositions ‘Doggerland’, ‘Spinning Jenny‘ & ‘Wishing Well’ published online with accompanying artwork. In January 2024 he used the name for an appearance at London’s iconic venue The Water Rats.


He spent 12 years living in London where he worked as a guitar teacher, pupils included Andy Bell of Erasure. After spending his final chapter living in Kentish Town, Camden in 2016.


In 2016 he moved to Poland where he holds residency status & spends a couple of months of the year, gaining some notoriety as a British curiosity in the region of Toruń. Sam released the singles ‘Hell’s Bank Note’ & ‘The Walker’ simultaneously. The recording session took place at MAP Studio in London on 13th December 2016 & feature Leo Georgiou on drums just one day before his departure for Poland. The 2 ‘slide guitar’ singles were released one month later on 13th January to coincide with the first gig of 2017 supporting Oil Stains in their native Poland. In 2020 he produced a music video shot in & around the UNESCO town for the acoustic ballad ‘Bulletproof‘ shortly before relocating to the UK in November 2019. In September 2021 he embarked on his first tour of Poland also playing his first ticketed headling shows. His debut foreign show was in Poland at Cafe Mięsna in Poznań in 2007. In September 2021 he did a seven-date tour of Poland. Embarking on a second Tour of Poland in April 2022 which was cut short by Covid. These were his first ticketed tours.


Since moving back to the UK from Poland in late 2019, Sam has settled in the coastal town of Llandudno where he has set himself up as a self-employed musician & performer. He has also invested in a full & employing a graphic designer.


As well as his music his unique mod/alternative hybrid sense of style caught the eye of fashion label Relco London in 2017 who used him to model their clothes & he is featured on their website alongside the band Blue Nation. Sam rekindled his relationship with Relco London in late 2019 for the Bulletproof promo videoshoot & can often be seen wearing their gear on stage and in photos. Sam has a new collaboration with DressCode Shirts & Mazeys/IKON Original.


He has worked as a featured artiste in films such as Tim Burton’s ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street‘ & the Ian Dury biopic ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll‘.


An appearance on WWk’s Our Favorate Shop Sessions for Made In Liverpool TV & interviews/live sessions on Radio R & Radio R (89.2, Mokrá-Horákov) in Czech Republic, Radio Benelux & Radio 68 in Belgium & Radio Sfera UMK & Radio PIK in Poland are favourable milestones in his career. In April 2020 he was featured on The Paranoid Sqirrel podcast. 


In February 2022 he was featured in a live broadcast from Ebenezer’s in Crewe UK during one of his many regular weekend shows.  In March 2024 a ‘Samuel Thomas Jones’ performance was livestreamed from PieśniarzeWrocław Poland.