Pay Your Dues
Out On The Road
Hell’s Bank Note
Black River
The Walker
Where The Wild Wind Goes




ANGRY TOWN (2017-2018)

Under Glass
Looking Back



Hit The Floor
Hot Cold Baby
Walking In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
Let Me Go




Fire In The Rain
The Way She Is
Boredom Drug
I’m Down When She’s Down
Ghost Of Eve
Dark Arches




So who were Sam Jones & The Artists Rifles? Well there were two studio albums, ‘Shoot To Kill’ & ‘Cowboy Wicca’ both compiled from lose recording sessions which took place 1998-2000 the latter being an outtakes album from those tracks left over from the cherry picked tracks of the debut ‘official’ album including some acoustic demos & alternative mixes of tracks from ‘Shoot To Kill’. Sam Jones supplies the lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitars. He also appears on bass guitar, drums & backing vocals on many of the recordings. Most of the tracks on both albums were recorded using tape (analogue). A mini-disc ‘Shoot To Kill’ spawned a CD single & 2 promo videos both directed by, edited by & featuring Sam Jones. Like most the bands which came later also fronted by Sam Jones they were somewhere between a solo project & a band, the difference with this one was that at most this umbrella was giving the image or impression of a band outfit as reflected in the name. It’s origins as a live band are rather vague & murky as to when they used the name for the first time & there were several over-lapping members & understudies. A consistent line up formed by accident in 2000 to play one show then reformed for another gig in 2001 then again for a string of gigs / mini-tour of Englandthat summer. The band played their last show under this title at The Limelight Club in Crewe, a mutual decision among band members to shorten the name & continue as a The Artists Rifles, a title which would out live the band into several completely new line ups bar their front man each time he relocated. There was of course some promotional pictures from 2 shoots, the first of Sam Jones which spawned the cover of the CD single & album & the second of the band. Live audio exists from their first concert at The Limelight Club & was issued as a DIY live album.




SAM JONES (solo acoustic)