UK: 0044 7598 443082

PL:  0048 516 354 171


What I offer:

I play 45 mins of covers then 45 mins of originals with a 30 mins break in between. I nearly always play from 21:00 until 23:00. I’m essentially 2 acts in one; the covers act or entertainer & the ‘artist’ with a ‘backstory’ which can be used to promote me. All the information you will need regarding my backstory can be found online. 


I take bookings on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. I play all over Europe, travel is not an issue but I do try to put my bookings in close proximity to each other.

How much I charge:

I charge £150 (paid in pounds sterling or if that’s not possible €175) for all of my gigs, my fee is absolutely FIXED. If I am required to play anytime over my usual 90 minutes I then ask for an additional £100/€100.


I will create a Facebook event & send you (by mail) an A3 (or A4) high quality poster to display once a booking is confirmed. I will also provide you with an invoice for your records. 


I also ask for accommodation but this is NOT essential for a booking! It’s certainly worth asking though. If you are reading this & don’t mention it then I assume that you cannot offer me free accommodation?