Sam has been giving guitar lessons to our son Jay (now aged 20) for 8 years. We are completely relaxed with Sam, who is not only a patient and understanding person, but reliable and courteous at all times. Sam has even continued to teach Jay during his frequent visits whilst living out of London. His support helped to gain Jay’s place on a HND in Music Production course, giving Jay a life vocation. He’s been a good influence on Jay, often giving him advice he would rather hear from him than us! Sam has become a close friend of the family and often helps out with other things like taking Jay to recording studios, releasing material online and applying for jobs. He’s introduced Jay to many new styles of music & even attended concerts with him. We highly recommend Sam as a guitar teacher. He has given Jay the confidence to write his own songs in a new band. For us these lessons have been well worth the money, when we consider all the benefits. A teacher knowledgeable on his subject, always on time.

Tim & Yael

London N16

Sam Jones guitar teaching has been a very positive influence in my sons life and he has enabled him to concentrate and focus on learning an instrument and even supported him in singing and performing. This is particularly impressive considering my son has severe Autism and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) as well as severe speech, language and sleep disorders. Sam is very calm and very patient and initially worked with every one of my sons tutors alongside my son. However now my son prefers to work with Sam alone and has continued to progress, is very happy to see Sam and looks forward to his sessions with him. This is an unusual outcome in my experience and I am very pleased with the efforts Sam has made. Sam is also always punctual and very professional at all times, his passion for music and the guitar is very infectious and this shows clearly in my sons continued interest. Sam has always taken my son seriously and treated him as any other student which is very refreshing. Sam has become a very positive role model for my son as well as a competent music teacher. Highly recommended.


London N5

Sam has an extensive music knowledge and a genuine passion for music that he brings into every lesson. Friendly and supportive, he takes time to tailor each 1-2-1 lesson to your specific needs and interest allowing you to develop at your own pace. His comfortable style of teaching makes learning effortless.


London N1

My son Ben did private lessons with Sam for over a year before relocating abroad, Sam’s dynamic, non-judgmental approach to teaching makes him a one of a kind guitar teacher, he is always well prepared and his vast knowledge makes each lesson unique. My son loved that he was open to play a range of music from “Pulp Fiction” to ‘The Shadows’, his lessons were fun, interesting and most importantly Ben developed a natural interest in bettering himself. A year later his passion is going strong and we are still in contact with Sam. Just recently Ben auditioned to get into a special music stream for High School and played a piece he was taught by Sam – we highly recommend Sam as he just ‘gets it’!

Joanne Rosen

London N10

Sam is a great teacher, really committed to ensuring my kids enjoy as well as learn (boys on bass and lead guitar) – a reliable teacher too.


London N16

I really enjoy my guitar lessons with Sam. He has introduced me to some great songs and he explains it all very clearly. Sam is always on time and makes the lessons fun.


London N5