Humming the same tune.
My journey with DressCode is never dull. There have been some really interesting challenges or opportunities along the way.

Working with Sam Jones has really ‘filled my glass’. We’ve had a few people ask about sponsorship and collaborations. Heck we’ve already done some projects that I’m really proud of, stuff that I’ve had great fun developing. Of all the approaches we received, Sam stood out for me. I could see someone with the same drive and perseverance. A kindred spirit. Someone prepared to take the path less trodden.

What he has achieved is seriously impressive. He was born deaf! Discovered a love of percussion and rhythm at a very young age, following the vibrations at first. He’s gone on to establish himself, writing, performing and promoting his own UK and European tours. Pretty much single handed. That’s real determination and drive. Which I seriously admire. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t know where to start. Yet he remains very humble and grounded. I love that, I hope that others, people who know me, would say the same about me????

Spending time together, talking through his life, his musical experiences and passions outside of clothes, yes we didn’t just talk fashion, was simply a really enjoyable thing to do – hopefully that comes across in the vids.

It has been so interesting. I’ve learnt loads, not just about Sam, but about myself and the way that I’m wired. When you’re in the thick of it, whatever the ‘it’ is that you’re doing, taking the time to look at, reflect and step away is powerful. I’m so pleased to have got to know Sam, learnt more about his life as a musician, writer and performer. And of course, talking fashion, up cycled fashion in particular and clothes.

The next time something outside the scope of your day to day comes along, what will you discover?

Andy Boothman

Founder DressCode

Join us THIS SATURDAY for an unforgettable night of soulful blues with the incredible Sam Jones!🎸
Get ready to be transported to the bayou as Sam, the maestro himself takes a moment out of his world tour and takes center stage from 9pm for a live performance that will set you right!📍
Please note THAT ENTRY IS FREE, but try to get here as early as you can, as there’s limited capacity for this intimate gig!💙

Ymunwch â ni DYDD SADWRN HWN am noson fythgofiadwy o felan galon gyda’r anhygoel Sam Jones!🎸
Paratowch i gael eich cludo i’r bayou wrth i Sam, y maestro ei hun gymryd eiliad allan o’i daith fyd-eang a chanol y llwyfan o 9pm ar gyfer perfformiad byw a fydd yn eich gosod yn iawn!📍
Sylwch BOD MYNEDIAD AM DDIM, ond ceisiwch gyrraedd yma mor gynnar ag y gallwch, gan mai nifer cyfyngedig o leoedd sydd ar gyfer y gig cartrefol yma!💙

ink. Art Gallery & Lounge, Colwyn Bay

We have the amazing Sam Jones entertaining us tonight from 8pm see you all there.

The Aigburth Arms, Liverpool

I think you have some fucking great ideas, good guitar riffs and your voice is just right… has aggression but is not harsh or annoying, like many bands…

Paul Rooney

Vice Squad

Having performed for nearly three decades. A raw and honest musician and songwriter. Versed in Punk and Rock ‘n’ Roll but very much multi-faceted. Sam tore it up at our venue in Crewe this year, so we’re bringing him to Nantwich for a very special performance of original material and covers.

Ebenezer's, Nantwich

Expect the unexpected (and perhaps some rock’n’roll).

12 Bar Club, London (Holloway Road)

These superb Stooged out punkers have been in the studio with Brian James, original Damned guitar troubler – which sounds like it could be Robert Johnson! – but I digress.

Hope & Anchor, London

I really want to do it – really like your songs. I’m honoured to guest.

John Robb

The Membranes / Music Journalist and founder of Louder Than War

A veteran performer for nearly three decades, a raw and honest musician and songwriter. Versed in Punk and Rock ‘n’ Roll but very much multi-faceted. Sam tore it up at our venue in Crewe last year, so we’re bringing him to Nantwich for a very special performance of original material and covers.

Ebenezer's, Nantwich

With none other than the local legend SAM JONES just before he sets off on a WORLD TOUR✈️
If you want to catch this blues master in action then you need to be here from 8PM TONIGHT!📍
And you already know we will be serving up amazing drinks and of course the good classic Ink Gallery vibes!🔥

Gyda neb llai na’r chwedl leol SAM JONES ychydig cyn iddo gychwyn ar DAITH BYD✈️
Os ydych chi eisiau dal y meistr blues yma ar waith yna mae angen i chi fod yma o 8PM HENO!📍
Ac rydych chi’n gwybod yn barod y byddwn ni’n gweini diodydd anhygoel ac wrth gwrs naws glasurol Oriel Ink!🔥

ink. Art Gallery & Lounge, Colwyn Bay

Tonight is the night, come on over for some live music with the amazing Sam Jones!

Not one to miss

Wilbraham Arms, Nantwich

Sam Jones’ solo ”no bullshit” performances are raw and honest, leaving his audience with a taste for more. One can imagine how powerful this would sound with a full band. ‘Hit The Floor’ is a stomping track!

Belinda De Bruyn

The Voice Belgique quarter finalist / Da Hush

A consommerabsolument sans moderation!

Mike Smith / Pub Le Kennedy

It’s a really pleasant song, ambient and inviting in sound, and I love your vocal tone, it’s gripping and soulfully raw.

Nessi Holt

Radio Kaos Caribou / Carpe Carmina

Noir wave, high velocity garage psych out!

Bull & Gate, London

We’re thinking The Dammed meets The Fall via Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division.

Dublin Castle, London

Join us for an unforgettable night of soulful blues with the incredible Sam Jones!

Get ready to be transported to the bayou as Sam Jones, the maestro himself, takes a moment out of his world tour and takes centre stage for a live music performance that’s sure to leave you mesmerised.

ink. Art Gallery & Lounge, Colwyn Bay

The Nantwich Road craft ale and gin bar has already staged some live music nights since it opened last September. Chester-born Sam Jones should offer an interesting solo show tonight (Thursday).

Jones is something of a roaming musical talent, having formed bands in London and in Poland where he lived for three years.

With a grunge and punk accent on his songwriting, expect a set of spiky songs.

More details can be found here.

Ebenezer's, Crewe

You look pretty sharp these days.

Charlie Harper

UK Subs / Urban Dogs

Effervescent pop grunge nodding to the Foo Fighters, nicely melodic with some decent hooks.

Dublin Castle, London

Impassioned, hooky pop grunge with a probable Foo Fighters influence without sounding too much like them.

Dublin Castle, London

Guitaristechanteuret auteur compositeuril specialise dans le ‘slide guitare’ – 100% technique! 

Mike Smith / Pub Le Kennedy

Acoustic troubadour Jones plays with brooding rock, a bit like BRMC and Kasabian.

Time Out London

Without a doubt Sam Jones is an extraordinarily talented musician and songwriter, capable of eliciting support from both legendary punk and mainstream artists alike. Though, having trod the streets and stages of both the UK and mainland Europe for nearly three decades now, this can come as no real surprise. Indeed it is testament to his musical skills and abilities that, through a combination of diligence, luck, tenacity, hard work and total self-belief, he has managed to sustain and maintain his career when many others (like my beloved The Clash) couldn’t. Sam’s obvious love and passion for his trade of choice – nay, his life’s vocation even – and the respect he has garnered to date amongst seriously dedicated professional musicians like Malcolm Joseph (Grace Jones Band), Richard Marcangelo (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band) and Jenifer Batten (Michael Jackson/Jeff Beck), puts him in a bit of a class of his own amongst the majority of his punk peers; and this is a man and musician who, I would happily suggest, would have been just as equally at home strutting around a stage with e.g. The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The New York Dolls, the Dead Boys, The Cramps, or The Jim Jones Revue, as he is in Angry Town or busking solo around the city centres of the UK and mainland Europe in 2018.

Certainly, Sam’s own material shows a willingness and desire to transcend ridiculous, and ultimately extremely limiting, musical tribal bigotries and ‘loyalties’. Just check out the presently available free download via Sam’s Facebook page – Live at Restauracja Stara Gorzelnia, Mogilno, Poland. It’s an awesome and heady mixture and cocktail of adrenalin driven, gasoline fuelled, highly infectious, out of control, car crash, rock ‘n’ roll: made all the more chaotic and raucous by both Sam’s obvious inability to verbally communicate with the majority of his Polish audience, and the introduction of a new bass player for the evening (though it seems that new members are very much the status quo for Angry Town, as Sam continues to remain the only consistent member of the band to date). Yet, though undeniably a little rough around the edges in both quality and sound (as par the course for the majority of live recordings/bootlegs let’s be honest), nevertheless it still serves as a perfect introduction to some of Sam’s own compositions – Somebody’s Somebody, Under Glass, Boredom Drug, Fire in the Rain, The Walker and The Way She Is – for anyone coming across him for the first time; as well as of course being the perfect accompaniment to Sam’s recently released studio album collection, containing material written between 2002-2014, ‘Retrospective’.

The live recording also hints at the range of Sam’s personal taste in music, with the inclusion of the tracks New Rose (The Damned) and Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode). The latter of course (as noted elsewhere within this article) having been released recently also, as Angry Town’s first single. That all said however, it really would be quite impossible to pay Sam Jones and his music full justice within these few simple pages that Punked can offer. Like the legendary (and quite cantankerous) Mark E. Smith’s long and illustrious career, Sam’s too would need the kind of space and freedom that only an auto/biography or two could give it; and who knows, perhaps that’s a project mulling away at the back of Sam’s mind already. For the moment though it’s enough to simply enjoy this multi-talented man’s music.

Johnny Heartbreaker

Founder and Editor of Punked e-zine