Sam Jones next to the Vistula River with the Józef Piłsudski Bride in the background, Toruń PL – December 2016 (shortly after moving to Poland)

When London musician Sam Jones arrived at the railway station in Toruń, he did not know that this city would become his home for several years, before the end of the same year. Following the suspension bridge over the hazy Vistula River towards the city centre, he felt it was no accident  that this unique place appeared on the map of his first European tour . He came to Toruń to take part in an annual event under the slogan “Guitar Days”, where the masters and enthusiasts of this instrument had already met several times. This time, the most important guest of the festival organised at the Hard Rock Pub Pamela was Jennifer Batten, known for her collaboration with Michael Jackson. He appeared as support for the well-known guitarist and led guitar workshops. Here he also met Zbigniew “Tony” Olewicz – a Welshman of Polish descent, who was born in a hospital in Wrexham, later changed into an art college, which Sam attended! The previously mentioned Hard Rock Pub club Pamela has become an important place to which the musician will return several times thanks to the hospitality of the owner – Darek Kowalski. He was here again six months later, playing earlier in Ostrów Mazowiecki and Poznań, as part of his second European tour. Forced to cancel a concert in Nice, he decided to visit Toruń again and extend his stay in the city of Copernicus. This time, he took to the Hard Rock Pub Pamela stage as part of their yearly festival organised there, bringing together fans of guitar music. Among the artists performing on that day was also Ilona Szumańska, now the fiancée of Sam! This is how the journey of several years began, which brought many unexpected stories and encounters in the life of a musician. They initiated the most interesting year of Sam’s stay in Poland during 2017, which resulted in establishing cooperation with Relco London, as well as the creation of Angry Town. Through this activity, Sam tried to transfer to the canvas of the Polish music scene elements of an the important Mod subculture from British history. The Toruń adventure began fully when in December 2016, just before his 37th birthday, Sam made the final decision to leave Great Britain. He got on a bus, having only his guitar and a small suitcase of clothes, but with relief and curiosity about what this trip would bring him. This book is about how all this unfolded, and is only a chapter in the vastness of many stories.

Marta Dembińska

In December 2016, Sam Jones moved to Poland, where he spent three years living in Toruń. He first appeared in our country in 2007, playing his first ever concert outside the UK. The concert took place in the Mięsna Cafe in Poznań. He appeared in Poland again as a support for Jenifer Batten in April 2016. He returned here in November of the same year to play a dozen or so concerts in various locations.
Since moving to Toruń, he has played many concerts, appeared on radio and television, and met with students from various schools. He was also the frontman of two lines of the Angry Town band. Several albums are available that reflect his ties to Poland. These are two albums entitled “Live In Poland”. Both feature live recordings, one from Sam’s solo performances and the other from Angry Town. Another release is the Retrospective album, which is a collection of recordings made over the years of musical activity. It also includes songs from Angry Town. During Sam’s stay in Toruń, an acoustic album entitled “Penitantry Of The Heart” was also released, which had its premiere at a concert at Hanza Cafe. With Angry Town, Sam also recorded a cover of The Damned’s New Rose, considered to be the first punk song. The band also appeared in one of the episodes of the Musical Stall, well known to the inhabitants of Toruń. On his own and with the band, he also supported artists such as Kobranocka, Koniec świata or Moriah Woods.
Currently, Sam is working on recording two covers of the band Republika. The original members of the band will also participate in the recordings. The effects of the work will be presented at a concert as part of the Grzegorz Ciechowski Days, which is regularly held in Toruń.
More details about his musical activity during his stay in Poland can be found in the “A British Boy In Poland” section on his website, where a biography from this period is being created.

Sam Jones performing at Vinyl Klub, Ostrów Mazowiecka PL – November 2016

Sam Jones performing at Piwnica Kulturalna Spichlerz, Kwidzyn PL – January 2017

Sam Jones performing as ‘Samuel Thomas Jones’ at Pieśniarze, Wrocław PL – March 2024 (live streamed)

Without Pamela I truly believe my life would have taken a completely different course for the worse.
My Toruń/Pamela story begins in 2015 when I was busking near the Grand Plas in Brussels. There was an oboe player waiting to take my spot, who turned out to be a Toruń resident going by the name of Kasia Majchrzak. We became friends, it was unusual to come across a Polish person in Belgium & I had plenty of Polish friends in London where I was living at the time.
I set about booking my first solo tour of Europe for April 2016 & came across the venue whilst searching for venues in Poland. I landed a support slot for Jennifer Batten & reunited with my friend Kasia. Darek’s interest in me had been that I had recorded with Charlie Harper on several occasions, the frontman of his favourite band UK Subs.
I arrived in Toruń the morning of the concert on a night train & was absolutely spellbound as I walked across the suspension bridge. Once in the venue I met a Welshman of Polish heritage (Tony) Zbigniew Olewicz before I went on stage. Tony is now a dear friend & he was coincidentally born in a hospital in Wrexham, later changed into an art college, which I attended for 2 years!
On that night a certain Ilona Szumańska witnessed my talk & concert. Ilona doesn’t remember me so I must have made such an impression! The next day I talked & played at a school in Toruń also arranged through Pamela.
Fast forward to November of the same year & I’m back in Poland searching for more shows as part of my second European tour, once again Darek let’s me play! Among the artists performing that night was Ilona Szumańska who is now my fiancée who I spent the next 3 years of my life living with in Toruń!
I would return to play several times thanks to the hospitality of Darek. I appeared as a guest with Ilona at her debut solo show in 2017. Later in the year, Angry Town played our debut show there. In 2018, I did a guest slot with Skołowani which was broadcast live on radio, I also appeared in a picture with the band in Top Guitar magazine afterwards. In 2019 I provided support for Moriah Woods doing an interview afterwards which was filmed.
After living & working in Toruń for 3 years, gaining Polish residency status & returning to the UK, I still spend several months a year in the city. Things recently went full circle & the current version of Angry Town played their debut show at Hard Rock Pub Pamela, supporting Sham 69 in November 2022. Any success & wealth Darek earns, he fully deserves, without characters like him there would be absolutely no music industry left for the likes of me & others like myself.

Sam Jones

Dziękujemy ‼️ Dziękujemy naszej publiczności za wczorajsze wsparcie. 😍 Dziękujemy Sam Jones za spontaniczny występ.😎🎤🎸 Zaskoczyłeś mnie Sam. Muzyczna droga którą przebyłeś od czasu gdy się poznaliśmy (2016), zaprowadziła Cię w bardzo ciekawe artystycznie miejsce. Oby tak dalej. Dziękujemy grupie Let Us Love za udany występ. 🔥 🔥 🔥
Sprawdźcie o czym opowiedzieli muzycy po koncercie 🎥

Darek Cezary Kowalski

Hard Rock Pub Pamela, Toruń

To był bardzo energetyczny wieczór, pełen pozytywnych niespodzianek. Sam Jones wykonał gigantyczną pracę od czasu naszego ostatniego, muzycznego spotkania. Sądząc po jego terminarzu koncertowym, rok 2024 będzie dla niego intensywny. Tym bardziej cieszę się, że niebawem usłyszymy retransmisję na antenie Radia Pik, jego wyjątkowo udanego występu w Hard Rock Pubie Pamela.

Darek Cezary Kowalski

Hard Rock Pub Pamela, Toruń

Sam Jones w Hard Rock Pub Pamela koncert niespodzianka – gdyż jeden z artystów nie mógł dojechać. Sam odwalił kawał dobrej gitarowej muzyki.

Tomasz Jaworski

Photographer / Hard Rock Pub Pamela, Toruń

Jeśli macie szansę zobaczyć występ Sam Jones na żywo, polecam.

Darek Cezary Kowalski

Hard Rock Pub Pamela, Toruń

I Remeber this concert, it was amazing!

Izabella Kossakowska

Model / Hard Rock Pub Pamela, Toruń

Sam Jones był świetny, ale chłopaki z Let us love wymiatali 🥰🤩😊

Florentyna Kwiat

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Sam Jones interview & performance at Muzyczny Kram, Toruń PL – July 2022 (live streamed)

Sam Jones performing at Muzyczny Kram, Toruń PL – July 2022

Sam Jones performing at 6-Ścian PUB SześcianBiałystok PL – April 2022

Sam Jones performing at 6-Ścian PUB SześcianBiałystok PL – April 2022

Sam Jones performing at 6-Ścian PUB SześcianBiałystok PL – September 2021

Taka gratka ?

Klub Muzyczny Bogart

Ogień na 6ciu strunach!

Miasto Bar, Poznań

Fascynujący, oldschool’owy występ solowego muzyka mieli okazję usłyszeć sympatycy klubu Vinyl. Przed publicznością wystąpił Sam Jones, który zaprezentował swą unikatową mieszankę popu, blues’a i rock’a. 

Telewizja aMazing Ostrów Mazowiecka

Będzie głośno.

Muzyka Spod Igły, Toruń

Brawo Sam Jones! To jest to! Słychać Ciebie nawet w Borach Tucholskich!

Witold Chmielewski

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Wczorajszy wieczór spędzony na autorskim punkowo akustycznym koncercie Sama Jonesa w Pieśniarzach był niczym współczesne spotkanie Parsifala z gitarą.
Sam Jones kojarzony z elektrycznym i dynamicznym, głośnymi brzmieniami punk rocka udowodnił, że jego muzyka jest równie mocna i autentyczna w bardziej stonowanej formie. Jego mocny głos i charyzmatyczna obecność na scenie sprawiły, że każda piosenka brzmiała tak, jakby była śpiewana wyłącznie dla każdej z osobna osoby w klubie.

Pieśniarze, Wrocław

Takich muzycznych podróżników lubimy! 

W pustyni i w disco

Muzyczny teleporter w czasy grunge. Dobre.

Bartek Podogrodzki

Sam Jones performing at Muzyk, Toruń PL – February 2020

Sam Jones performing at Muzyk, Toruń PL – February 2020

Sam Jones ‘Bulletproof’ promo video (Camouflage Records 2020)

Sam Jones performing at Muzyk, Toruń PL – February 2020

Sam Jones (Relco London shoot), Toruń PL – April 2017

Sam Jones appearence on Radio Sfera UMK, Toruń PL – February 2017